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The new ultra-distance driver that shatters the limits for rule-compliant drivers

The DT-112 driver is the choice of amateurs for great flying distance and ease of hitting, as well as an essential pick for touring pros. Its DNA has been passed down to this new ultra-distance driver that marks a new evolution in distance.

■Head Face: LD433+ titanium

     Body: 811 titanium (precision cast)

■Shaft: MD-350ZD carbon shaft (S: 55g; SR: 50g; R: 45g)


DT-112 Technology

The DT-112 shatters distance limits for rule-compliant drivers

Featuring a newly-developed ultra-functional head, optimized sweet spot design, and resiliency, club length, and head volume just within the legal limits, the DT-112 pushes distance performance to the max. Offering superb energy transfer efficiency while keeping in compliance with the rules, this truly advanced, ultra long-distance driver provides tremendous distance that shatters boundaries and a great-feeling hit that picks the ball up and sends it flying.

■Newly-developed functional head gives ball’s initial speed a huge boost

The DT-112 features a newly-designed multi thin face that uses new LD433+ titanium for outstanding toughness, and a precision-cast body with a fully optimized weight-distribution design. This newly-developed, ultra-performance head offers even better energy transfer efficiency at the time of impact, and its high resiliency boosts initial ball speed like never before, all while staying just within the rules. Even with the same head speed, it increases initial ball speed to enable greater distance.

■Optimized sweet spot design combines performance with sensibility

The sweet spot is the point of impact that makes the ball fly most efficiently. It’s set right at the hitting point where you want to get into position. This gives you a shot right at the sweet spot just by swinging the club as it’s designed to be swung. The golfer’s sensibility is combined with performance for a better feel and a greater distance.

Hittable high-back design and deep head

The head shape features a high-back design with the back of the head placed higher. This lets you effortlessly take a level stance during address and offers a smoother take-back and a more stable swing.

MD-350ZD Graphite shaft with length just within the limits for maximized head speed

The MD-350ZD shaft has length specs just within the rules, at 47.75 inches using the R&A measurement method. Although this lightweight, high-performance shaft is designed and developed especially for length, you won’t even feel the length as its smooth flexibility and ease of swing maximize head speed.


35444 view