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Introducing the FH Forged V1, a club designed with over 30 years of wedge making experience.

The FH Forged V1 wedges are forged from premium soft steel, crafted with design techniques that appeal to any golfer.

These premium-quality wedges combine high spin performance with a classic head shape and design

■Head: Forged soft iron (S25C) (mirror milled face)

■Finish: Nickel chrome pearl satin finish/matte black finish

■Shaft: TS-114w (WEDGE/125g)

    N.S.PRO 950GH HT steel shaft


Birth of the FH Forged V1 Brand

“Future Heritage” was designed to meet the needs of all golfers, while combining traditional aesthetics with modern performance.

Times have changed, and with it so has golf club technology, but the aesthetics have stayed the same. This is something to be cherished, and is what we value.

Designed for golfers who know the game inside and out, the new FH Forged V1 wedge series matches the club technology we have developed over the years with the classic looks that our player desires.

Solid, Stable Feel

Premium S25C steel used for solid, stable feel. This new, premium wedge provides the same feedback and feel as a traditional forged iron, but with high spin performance that comes with modern technology.

Advanced “Double Reverse Taper Blade”

The FH Forged V1 series features a “double reverse taper blade,” in which the upper portion of the blade gets gradually thicker from heel to the toe. This creates a more efficient weight distribution, improving stability on off center hits all while still retaining a traditional head size.

Precisely Designed Scoring Lines and Mirror Milled Face

Fourteen clubs’ unique groove structure is highly precise, allowing for great shots in both wet and dry conditions. Each club face is milled for twice the normal length of time to ensure a high level of surface precision (Mirror Milled Face) and when combined with each and every painstakingly individual milled groove, results in high spin performance with no compromises.

TS-114w: Newly Designed Wedge-specific Steel Shaft

A new wedge-specific shaft was developed jointly with Nippon Shaft Co. Ltd. with the goal of creating the optimal launch conditions for our high CG wedges. This shaft is optimized for both full swings and for shorter swings, with varying shaft profiles for the “full swing wedges” and the” touch wedges” This helps create the best launch conditions throughout the bag.

Full-shot Shaft 41°, 44°, 47°, 50°
Touch Shot Shaft 52°, 54°, 56°, 58°, 60°

FH Sole Design

Bumper Sole 41°/44°/47°/50°

Sole shape with straight relief on the leading edge, this shape works well for full shots.

Regular Sole 52°/54°/56°

Tapered shape sole with a flat surface that extends toward the toe. This shape works well for both full shots and touch shots.

T Sole 58°/60°

The “T Sole”, or “Twin Sole” Is a very versatile option with plenty of relief to open the blade. This shape works well for touch shots.


277643 view