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Gentle, to bring out the skill of the player. The birth of a semi-athlete wedge (DJ-33)

Improved head stability, with ridge and wide sole to eliminate sticking in the swing, and the DJ evolved gooseneck shape, easy to hold whether open or closed. Utilizing the skill of the player for highly accurate approach shots.

■ Head: Forged nickel chromium molybdenum steel (mirror milled face)

■ Finish: Nickel-chrome plated, pearl satin finish

■ Shaft: N.S. PRO 950 GH HT steel shaft (WEDGE/98g)

      DYNAMIC GOLD steel shaft (WEDGE/132g)
      FT-61w graphite shaft (65g) (*made to order/FT-71w (70g), FT-51w (50g))
      Ladies’ specification (FT - 51 w carbon shaft/50g)


DJ-33 Technology

DJ-33 gives the average golfer the ability to hit any shot that comes to mind. With its cavity back design and wider more forgiving sole DJ-33 is the perfect option for the player that needs a little bit more help around the greens but still wants the opportunity to hit a multitude of shots.

New head structure for improved forgiveness

In addition to the W inverted taper blade design gradually thickening in the top of the blade, and from the hosel laterally across the toe. This new head structure cutting excess weight from the heel brings more efficient weight distribution. This improved design creates an extremely forgiving head while still keeping a classic wedge shape.

Extremely versatile wide sole

A high bounce leading edge helps prevent digging, and more sole camber overall help this wide sole move effortlessly through all lies. This wide sole also performs extremely well in the bunker, when opened up the bounce angle drastically increases allowing the wedge to easily get the ball airborne.

Slightly Offset to Increase Forgiveness

This added amount of offset helps the golf square the face on full shots, and creates more forgiveness when the face is opened. This extra offset also complements today’s game-improvement style irons creating a seamless transition from iron to wedge

Excellent spin, with optimized groove design

Fourteen’s unique new trapezoidal groove optimizes depth, width, and spacing providing the maximum legal area of the groove. This added grove area helps create unmatched levels of spin from any type of lie.

Low-loft wedge lineup

Wedges of 41˚, 44˚, 47˚ designed for better distance gapping and transition from iron to wedge. These Short irons and wedges put more emphasis on distance control than some of the game-improvement short irons. This gives the player more confidence with the scoring clubs, while still providing the needed forgiveness.

FT graphite shaft, exclusively for wedges

FT graphite shaft developed specifically for wedges. A high-function carbon shaft for high stability and security, and easy-to-sense head position with a moderately hard whip.


The Fourteen Graphite Shaft Project

Fourteen’s exhaustive knowledge of club performance has developed the highly functional graphite shaft in-house.

Matching with the head allows high performance to make the most of the unique characteristics of the graphite shaft.


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