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Super-wide Sole Wedge With Simplicity In Mind

Designed for the Specific individual shot, approach shots, bunker shots, and high lob shots. This wedge is targeted to golfers of all skill levels

■Head: Forged nickel chrome molybdenum steel (mirror milled face)

■Finish: Nickel chrome plated, pearl satin finish

■Shaft: DYNAMIC GOLD steel shaft (WEDGE/132 g)

      N.S. PRO 950 GH HT steel shaft (WEDGE/98 g)
      FT-61w shaft (65 g) *Option/FT-71w (70 g), FT-51w (50 g)
       Ladies (FT-51w Graphite shaft/50 g)


A Wedge Designed for Forgiveness in Each Situation

Specialized wedges for each situation designed for maximum forgiveness — Aw for approach shots around the green, Sw for bunker shots, and Hw for high lob shots over bunkers, etc. The Simplistic idea of having one wedge for each shot eliminate confusion of choosing the right club. A super-wide sole wedge designed to satisfy even intermediate and advanced golfers on approach shots, regardless of skill level.

Super-wide Sole

For approach shots around the green and high ball shots over bunkers, the super-wide sole is forgiving to help instill confidence no matter what shot the player is faced with

In bunker shots, the Super-wide sole helps keep the club moving through the sand  no matter the bunker conditions. Our innovative sole design allows for the leading edge to sit low underneath the ball even with the super-wide sole

Dimple Cavity Shape

The cavity is boldly expanded to the heel side to create the super-wide sole. Even with the maximum sole width with, we are still able to utilize optimum weight distribution and CG Placement for a wedge.

Classic Offset Head Shape

A classic head shape with a small amount of offset creates a familiar address position for golfers of all skill levels. This gives players the benefits of an offset design but in a classic shape that appeals to even the most advanced golfers

Individually Milled Grooves and Mirror Milled Face

The unique groove structure of the New Trapezoid Groove in milled to the tightest tolerances, and allows for incredible performance no matter the condition. The mirror-finished face demonstrates excellent high-spin performance, which is milled for twice the normal time during manufacturing to ensure improved surface accuracy.

Fit and Finish

The entire head is nickel-chrome plated with a pearl satin finish to reduce glare. The back cavity has a mirror finish for awesome bag appeal. Forged in the highest quality soft steel for unparalleled feel and consistency.

Tour Model Super-wide Sole Wedge D-036T.S

The D036 TS a special wedge, incorporating a super-wide sole for ultimate forgiveness with a tour-validated shape. A smaller head shape, and minimal offset that will appeal to players who are familiar with tour model wedges, but would like to take advantage of the forgiving features of the D036


144787 view